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Mother and daughter back to backTIRED OF SEEING YOUNG PEOPLE


I was too! So over the past 3 years I’ve worked tirelessly, with my team, to find a simple framework that helps children and young people find their passion and purpose in life and start learning through their strengths.

It all starts with a simple question – are your lights on or off? 

No matter what they reply I’ve hunted high and low for the answers. Our course is packed full of proven activities designed around the latest thinking in Project-Based Learning, neuroscience and the maker movement. I’ve done the research, put in the hours and made the mistakes so you don’t have to.

my transformative framework

is designed around five steps to identify personal interests and uncover hidden talents to empower your students to become self-aware and reflective, and to transform them from passive to active learners capable of leading their own learning.

Step 1 – Locate the switch

Step 2 – Get wired for learning

Step 3 – Switch on their lights 

Step 4 – Spotlight on learning

Step 5 – Reflections


“I love it because I get to learn things whilst having fun. It focuses on the things that interest me and therefore I learn more.” – Cem, Lights On Learner

Explorium allows Cem to learn in the way he wants. By joining in and taking part and experiencing the activities rather than sitting in a formal lesson. Cem is starting to know his own strengths and weaknesses and is getting ideas about his future. Explorium lets him take control of his learning.” – Cem’s Mum

It doesn’t feel like learning but more like a hobby.” – Jake, Lights On learner

Explorium allows Jake to showcase his skills and develop his talents in an environment where they are acknowledged and celebrated. I actually see him happy when he goes to school and returns on an Explorium day. Jake would be lost without Explorium.” – Jake’s Mum

It has allowed Ollie to be himself and actually voice how he feels, how he learns, try different things, explore and experiment. It made him see that he can achieve something that others admire, he does have worth and he is important. Explorium has boosted his confidence and certainly turned all our Lights On.” – Ollie’s mum


Thank you for all your support and encouragement with Isabelle. She may not realise just yet, but this is going to benefit her hugely as she progresses through school and into life beyond…” – Izzy’s Mum

“Thank you for providing such an innovative and boundary-pushing learning experience. Peter has developed in so many positive ways since he started at Explorium. It is a crucial part of his educational experience.” – Peter’s Mum


Switch Your Lights On 

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